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Collect & Analyse your data in real time #RealTime #BigData #A.I

Real Time Information

We help you collect and analyze your data in real time breaking your data silos and taking instant operational decisions by applying a cominbation of real time, Big data and artificial intelligence.

End-to-End Platform

Barac combines the collection, analytics using machine learning, storage and visualization in a single platform that can be installed into your own servers for a real time decision. barac is 70% quicker to implement than any other platform

Top Notch Machine Learning

Barac integrates a top notch machine learning models that have been built to fight fraud in real time and to understand users data. The models are updated every day to better understand the data and predict actions and behaviors

What We Do

Real Time Decisions

Traditional analytics applies processing after the data is stored and extracted, but for an increasing number of situations, these insights are too late. At we help you analyze data in real time to take immediate decisions and to have critical analysis.

Using powerful, proprietary algorithms, Barac instantly collects and analyzes data from diverse datasources to deliver the earliest signals and predict fraud, cyber attacks, and manage your risks and liquidity

Real Time Fraud Detection

Barac scores every transaction in real time using structured and unstructured data and our powerfull machine learning algorithm to detect and flag fraud in real time. We reduce Financial and Telecom fraud by 60% and halp you in your investigation using a fraud graph schema

Real Time Market Risk Management

Instead of waiting for risk analytis at the end of the day, barac helps you collect instant information from different systems and applies real time analytics to have an immediate risk assesment

Cyber Security

Using our platfrom, businesses & Organisations can detect very early signs of a possible attack, predict a threat and react in real time using an advanced A.I

who we are

Data Enthusiast Creating Great Values

What We Do

We help you take the right decision and enhance your business in real time. The facts are that you need 24/48h to collect and analyse your data from different silos, it's too late.. You need to take real time decisions based on real time data from different sources combined with strong analytics to predict and enhance your models everyday.

Our mission

Our mission is to analyse and transform real time data into actionable business results through the combination of Big Data, Data Science and Prediective Analysis. We provide state of the art platform and we are known for providing our clients with a superior engagement experience through a combination of IT, data science and operational expertise, intellectual curiosity, collaborative work style, and strong partnerships with our customers. Barac's deep expertise mitigates project risk and reduces total cost of ownership for our clients.


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