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The Decryption problem and dealing with Encrypted Traffic
Encrypted Traffic Visibility
Detect attacks on encrypted traffic without decryption

No Decryption

Detect attacks on encrypted traffic without decryption using TLS/SSL metadata combined with Machine learning

Instant Detection

Detect attacks on encrypted traffic in real time across you infrastructure

High Accuracy

Achieve 99.91% accuracy in attack detection and reduce false positives to 0.0006% of total traffic.


Helps organisation be compliant with privacy and GDPR rules by not decrypting the traffic and real time audit of cryptographic compliance
The Encryption Problem

60% of cyber attacks will happen on encrypted traffic

80% of the traffic and 60% of the attacks will be using encrypted SSL. Barac helps you detect cyber attacks and malware on encrypted traffic without decrypting instantly using A.I
TLS 1.3 Challenge

TLS1.3 makes decryption for inspection impossible

With TLS 1.3, organisations needs to proxy for the entire duration of the connection. This reduces the privacy of the employees in that enterprise, massively increases equipment and power costs, and probably increases overall technical risk for the enterprise and its employees.

Next Generation Encrypted Traffic Visibility

Barac is the next generation of threat detection on encrypted traffic using a unique approach of analysing metadata using a patent pending technology

SaaS or On-Premises

SaaS or On-Premise platform to instantly get alerts on critical attacks and visualise your infrastructure, types of attacks and vulnerabilities

Integration with the Ecosystem

Barac Collects only the most important information from sources and between 2-3% of the traffic to be analyzed. Barac is also API based to send information and events to the SOC or SIEM
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Our Numbers

Advanced Analytics

Detect known and unknown Attacks with high accuracy using a combination of machine learning and behavioural analytics
More than 99% accuracy in detecting attacks and malware
False Positive
0.00006% false positive to help you focus on the real attacks
Time Detection
Reduce detection time to seconds between collection and detecting attacks

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