Instant Cyber Detection on Encrypted Traffic

Detect threats and attacks accurately in encrypted traffic without decryption, using network and SSL metadata combined with Artificial Intelligence in real time


Attacks on encrypted traffic are growing to 60% of total attacks

74% of organization cannot detect malicious content in encrypted traffic and less than 10% analyse encrypted traffic !

We offer a disruptive approach to Cyber Security

From Data to metadata and Artificial Intelligence based on patent pending technologies.

Encrypted Traffic

Analyse encrypted traffic across your IT infrastructure, without decryption, in real time giving you complete visibility on encrypted flow.

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Instant Detection

Capture real time data from Servers, IoT devices, End Points etc. Instant detection with a small footprint, reducing bandwidth usage and without slowing network infrastructure.

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99% Accuracy

Achieve 99.91% accuracy in attack detection and reduce false positives to 0.0006% of total traffic.

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Quick Implementation

You can start having immediate results on our SaaS platform or within weeks for our OnPremises offer.

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A.I Driven

Barac uses a combination of A.I and Behavioral Analytics to accurately detect cyber-attacks and fraud in real time across an IT infrastructure

80% of the Traffic Will be Encrypted

In 2020 80% of digital traffic will be encrypted and 60% of all attacks will take place on encrypted SSL. Barac enables you to detect cyber-attacks and malware on encrypted traffic, without decryption, in real time.

A New Generation of Cyber Protection

Protect all your IT infrastructure from server to IoT device by detecting and predicting attacks instantly

  • Complex Infrastructure

    Complex Infrastructure

    Barac helps you protect complex infrastructure that includes IoT devices, firewalls and encrypted data and detect threats in real time on million of servers and devices

  • Ease of Use

    Ease Of Use

    Instantly get alerts and notification on critical attacks and visualize your infrastructure, types of attacks and vulnerability to help investigate

  • Smart Data

    Smart Data

    Barac Agent sends only the most important information from sources and between 2-3% of the traffic to be analyzed. This helps reduce bandwidth usage and get instant analysis without decreasing users experience

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