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Traffic Visibility

Making the encrypted world more secure and compliant

Our unique solution works with your existing infrastructure to deliver instant analysis, detection and response to cyber threats carried within your encrypted data.

Today’s challenges with encrypted data

90% of data traffic is encrypted - and the figure is rising

76% of cyber threats are hidden in encrypted traffic

Regulation, privacy laws and TLS standards prohibit decryption

Value of your current defences decreased though data blindness (Gartner)

Barac Encrypted Traffic Visibility solution delivers


Our proprietary AI protects your encrypted business


99.99% accuracy in detection of all cyber threats


No decryption - so compliant with all requirements


Works with existing investments, no need to buy new

The Barac solution

Read our advisory paper, get insight into the encrypted traffic problem and understand why the use of TLS protocols and your existing infrastructure are raising the security risks for your critical data.

Then read how our unique solution utilises the latest technology to ensure your business is cyber secure, crypto compliant and delivering ROI.

The Encrypted Traffic
Visibility process

Metadata is extracted from all incoming/outgoing encrypted data packets in real time, and forwarded to the Barac platform for analysis.

Unique AI utilising machine learning and behavioural analytics (involving 200+ metrics) detects known threat vectors and abnormal traffic to discover potential threats.

Alerts are sent to your specified security team SOC, SIEM or alternative, for immediate response.

Barac Encrypted Traffic Visibility in action

In May 2019, a global finance organisation was attacked with a complex APT using advanced encyption to avoid detection.

Without Barac the attack would have succeeded

You can try the unique Barac solution for free

We’ll simply install onto your existing infrastructure.
You will be up and running in no time.

Some of the organisations we are working with