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Introducing Barac Encrypted

August 29, 2017

The rapid rise in encrypted traffic is changing the security landscape. As more organizations become digital, an increasing number of services and applications are using encryption as a primary method of securing information. Encrypted traffic has increased by more than 90 percent year over year, with more than 40 percent of websites encrypting traffic in 2016 versus 21 percent in 2015.

Gartner predicts that by 2019, 80 percent of web traffic will be encrypted:

Encrypted Traffic Growth Vs Encrypted Attacks

Detect Attacks While Keeping Privacy

There is a huge challenge: How to keep data privacy while protecting yourself and your customers from cyber attacks and malware ?

Encryption is typically done to meet compliance requirements that mandate specific security policies and to protect the data of customers and users. Because deep-packet inspection is no longer viable in an encrypted environment, businesses need to have another approach to spot fraudsters and cyber attackers.

Analyzing encrypted traffic is the next frontier in cyber security and using our behavioral analytics and machine learning approach combined with metadata from traffic information and distribution. barac is able to detect abnormal activities and cyber attacks instantly from the whole IT infrastructure of an organization.

“ Using metadata, packet information and Artificial Intelligence, We are able to detect cyber attacks and malware activities with very high accuracy to help businesses protect their assets and customers while keeping data private”

Our approach is based on .

  • Real time data containing activities, metadata and packets information from the whole IT infrastructure
  • Instant Artificial Intelligence and cognitive analytics using a supervised and non supervised approaches on packet information, type, length, origin, dates, byte distribution, TLS, etc..
  • BIg Data Analytics to store the data
  • Instant visualization, alerts and integration with the customer SOC

Using these data elements to accurately identify malware communication in encrypted traffic means encrypted Traffic Analytics can maintain the integrity of the encrypted flow without the need for bulk decryption and privacy breaching.