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Barac Cloud Integration with AWS

October 18, 2019

Barac to deliver Cloud-Native Network Traffic Analysis with Amazon Web Services

The new Amazon traffic mirroring feature for cloud works on enhancing the advanced capabilities of Barac to detect encrypted attacks and increase the protection of cloud and hybrid environments.

Barac is and innovative cyber security company that solves the concrescence problem of protecting organisations against malware hidden in encrypted traffic without decryption announced the growth of Barac functionality to support the new Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) traffic mirroring feature from Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new AWS feature is lunched the 25th Jun, 2019 and with this new capability, customers can now replicate their AWS network traffic and send it natively to Barac collector for Advanced Threat Collection And Detection In Encrypted Traffic. Benefits to customers include:

  • Reinforced visibility and detection: The VPC traffic mirroring gives the customers the ability to redirect 100% of network traffic to Barac collector who can be deployed in monitoring instances in the same or even in different VPC to assure an enhanced defence against attacks hidden in encrypted traffic.
  • Reduce time and accurate detection: Barac customers who uses aws cloud are now able to immediately notice if there is any anomaly who menace their cloud environments in real time and with more than 99% accuracy due to the integration of Barac ETV (Encrypted Traffic Visibility) platform with the new AWS traffic mirroring feature.
  • Enhanced security: Traditional inspection of AWS cloud environments traffic method uses only AWS log files contrary to AWS traffic mirroring who enhance the security of cloud by providing packet capture at the Elastic Network Interface (ENI)-level which present a key for real time detecting attacks due to Artificial Intelligence and complicated algorithm of Barac.
  • Simplified security operation: Now customers can simply mirror any range of their VPC traffic without having to manage packet forwarding agents on their EC2 instances.

VPC Traffic Mirroring solution has three components:

  • Targets: The destination for mirrored traffic (it can be Elastic Network interfaces or Network load balancers) .
  • Filters: Set of rules that define the traffic that is copied in a traffic Mirror session.
  • Sessions: An entity that describes traffic mirroring from a source to a target using filters.

“Currently, security teams often rely on logs and other tools and data sources that give them only a partial view of their environment,” says Dave Brown, EC2 Vice President Compute and Networking. Services at Amazon Web Services, Inc. “With the advent of Amazon VPC Traffic Mirroring, our customers can extract traffic from any Amazon VPC workload and transfer it to tools that can detect and neutralise attacks. that log-based and agent-based systems often fail.”

From this point Barac takes advantage of Amazon Virtual Public Cloud (Amazon VPC) traffic mirroring natively in AWS to help the customers to have an enhanced visibility and detection within AWS environments and give them the ability to quickly respond to threats.

In public cloud environments, it has been always tricky to get access to network traffic. Traditional on-premise approaches such as L2 tapping or SPAN/mirror ports are not available but with the new approach to monitor Amazon VPC traffic is a welcome new addition that will take Barac network traffic analysis and collective defence capabilities to the next level.


Founded in 2017 by Omar YAACOUBI and Mahdi BEN HAMDEN, Barac went through the NCSC Accelerator in 2018 and is a unique platform that helps organizations detect cyber-attacks in real-time encrypted traffic without decryption, using a combination of real-time big data and behavioural analytics. 

Barac helps enterprises, industries and governments to secure their networks and identify any hidden risk by analysing network traffic.

Barac combines the skills of their experts in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Cyber Security and encryption to provide for their customers an efficient defence solution against cyber security attacks with a user interface platform who helps the analysis and investigators to visualise all the details about any anomaly who can menace their network.

Learn more about Barac at: https:/