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One Month; Three Awards!

March 2, 2020

Barac is not Magic, we developed a unique technology that can help organisations detect threats and attacks on encrypted traffic without decryption. We are now recognised as a unique and outstanding technology. In February, Barac picked up three awards chosen by industry experts , and is now recognized as one of the cyber-security start-ups to watch.

2020 SC Excellence Award for ‘Rookie Security Company of the Year’ (WINNER)
Teiss Awards 2020 – ‘Best use of Machine Learning or Security Automation’ (SECOND PLACE)
Info Security PG’s 2020 Global Excellence Awards for ‘Start-Up of the Year – Artificial Intelligence in Cyber Security’ (BRONZE AWARD)

You can find out why Barac has won these and other awards, by arranging a webinar with us and we will tell you how our technology, ETV, can help your organisation from all encrypted cyber-attacks, including zero-day, in real-time – without having to decrypt.