Barac is a fast growing, innovative cyber security company that solves the growing problem of protecting organisations against malware hidden in encrypted traffic.

Established in 2017 as a member of the Barclays Techstars. We currently have bases in the UK, US, France and Tunisia, and are part of the NCSC Cyber Accelerator Programme.

Our partners include:

IBM Security
Real Serve

What the analysts say about us

Barac’s ETV platform sidesteps the decrypt/re-encrypt paradigm. Its approach is fundamentally different. It looks at the metadata for both SSL and TCP/IP traffic and applies both machine learning and behavioural analytics to it to provide visibility, detection and response, in that it blocks anything it deems malicious.
Barac ETV provides accurate detection with a significant reduction in false positives, is easy to implement and manage, and maintains a small footprint. It mitigates the increasing risk of complex cyber attacks and malware hidden within encrypted traffic.
Barac is unique in both its approach and its accessibility. It provides an affordable, low-maintenance and transparent means of network anomaly detection with extremely high accuracy, while maintaining privacy, making its ETV platform an ideal consideration for protecting an organisation’s data.

Industry recognition

EMA TOP 3 – Security Analytics and Breach Resolution

Shortlisted for SC 
2019 Awards

Newcomer Security Company of the Year

Best Emerging Technology

Europas Finalist – The Hottest Tech Start-ups