Government organisation

With digitalisation growing this government organisation was handling and becoming responsible for a great deal of sensitive information. Encryption was used to secure all the transactions and the data exchanged, but this brought its own security challenges. As in order to comply with privacy regulations the organisation could not decrypt data to check for malware. As Barac Encrypted Traffic Visibility relies on machine learning and behavioural analytics to detect threats in encrypted traffic, without the need to decrypt, it adheres to all regulatory requirements. And so was the perfect fit for the ever-growing needs of this government organisation.

Financial institution

This finance houses was increasingly using connected APIs to exchange information, to get real-time data and to communicate with the outside world. And, with all these APIs using encrypted traffic to secure information, it realised it needed to review its cyber security.

The finance house opted for Barac Encrypted Traffic Visibility. This was up and running in a matter of days and was immediately able to pinpoint attacks and abnormal activity. This was picked up in real time and monitored by the company’s security analysts. Any APIs that were not running the correct level of cryptography were flagged.

International bank

Banks are required to handle, and secure, vast amounts of sensitive customer data. This leading bank saw that encrypted traffic is on the rise, and that it would need a way to analyse this to protect against cyber attacks. But it did not know how to manage this and still comply with strict privacy laws and GDPR regulations.

Using Encrypted Traffic Visibility the bank coped with the increasing amount of encrypted traffic without slowing its business processes. And, by adding Barac technology to its existing set up, rather than needing adapt its infrastructure, it realised a positive ROI.

Utilities company

A European electricity provider found that, with the growth of IoT and Cloud computing, it was using more and more encrypted traffic to secure sensitive customer, and staff, data. But it realised that encryption blindness was becoming a major problem.

Barac Encrypted Traffic Visibility was employed at strategic points, and using port mirroring it was able to score traffic (including sensitive IoT data) to detect known attacks and spot anomalies. Alerts, highlighting different levels of severity, were sent to the provider’s SOC enabling a one-point view, easy correlation of data and a fast response.

Telecoms operator

At the time of contacting Barac 84% of the operator’s telecoms traffic was encrypted and, as its firewall and cyber defences were unable to detect attacks hidden in encrypted traffic, it realised its existing security methods were suddenly obsolete.

By utilising Barac Encrypted Traffic Visibility the telecoms operator gain a view of its encrypted data that would otherwise have been impossible, and recorded 99% accuracy in detection (with a false positive rate of just 0.00006%).

Managed services provider

This UK-based MSP saw the rise in encryption and the imminent changes to privacy regulations as a sales opportunity. It partnered with Barac and added Encrypted Traffic Visibility (as a white-label product) to its existing portfolio of services.

Encrypted Traffic Visibility met all necessary security and compliance requirements and, due to it being software and platform agnostic, could be seamlessly integrated across its customers’ SOC and SIEM platforms.