Barac ETV

Unique real time visibility and threat hunting across your whole IT infrastructure including IoT devices using A.I on normal and Encrypted traffic


We use SSL Metadata combined with behavioral analytics and machine learning to help you detect early signs of cyber attacks and reduce false-positive by more than 99%


We give organizations visibility within their encrypted traffic without decryption and detecting attacks to be secure and reduce risk


We help organizations detect weaknesses within their encrypted traffic and give them a real time visibility and reporting across TLS and SSL traffic to be more compliant
Encrypted Traffic Visibility

No Decryption Needed

We help you detect attacks on encrypted traffic without decryption with high accuracy
Real Time
Real Tine information and alerts for an immediate decision making
Smart Connection
We only collect 1% to 3% of the traffic to protect your bandwidth
SOC Integration
We send information to SOC and SIEM instantly to share intelligence and collaborate
Cloud or On-Premises
The ETV platform can be deployed on cloud or on-premises depending on the customer needs

Advanced Features

We use several advanced features and techniques to detect malware and APT in real time with high accuracy
  • Advanced DNS Scoring
    • Score DNS using advanced machine learning to detect any abnormality or non consistent DNS with high accuracy
  • Beaconing Detection
    • Use advanced micro-clustering and micro-segmentation to detect any suspicious outgoing traffic with the same behaviour: Frequency, size, dates, intervals, etc..
  • Advanced Behaviour Analytics
    • Detect any abnormality on encrypted traffic with high accuracy correlating more than 150 indicators