Encrypted Traffic Visibility

Unique real time visibility and threat hunting across your whole IT infrastructure including IoT devices using A.I on normal and Encrypted traffic

Visibility Within your Encrypted Traffic

90% of the traffic will be encrypted by 2020 and 60% of the attacks are happening on encrypted traffic. We give organizations visibility within their encrypted traffic without decryption and detecting attacks to be secure and reduce risk

A.I Powered Detection

We use behavioral analytics and machine learning to help you detect early signs of cyber attacks and reduce false-positive by more than 99% and focus on the real problems and how to stop them.

Cryptographic Compliance

We help organizations detect weaknesses within their encrypted traffic and give them a real time visibility and reporting across TLS and SSL traffic to be more compliant

  • Real Time

    Barac gives you a real time visibility across your whole IT infrastructure with instant alerts on different devices to take an immediate action and stop the problem. We, also, help you by being proactive and identify devices and network vulnerabilities to be ahead of attackers.

  • Easy to Use

    Our easy to use interface gives you a tool to directly identify and investigate threats and vulnerabilities and take instant decision.

    We use graph analytics to vizualize relationship and links between IP addresses and your network and understand the normal behavior Vs abnormal activities within your network

  • Reduce False-Positive

    By Applying a combination of non supervised and supervised learning, we help you reduce false-positive fatigue by more than 99% to help you focus on the real problems across your whole IT infrastructure.

Lightweight Sensors

Our proprietary 1mb sensors can listen to the traffic and send only between 1% and 3% to efficiently and securely detect abnormal activities and protect bandwidth usage

SOC Interaction

We are complementary to your SOC architecture. We interface with your SOC to help you protect and apply your standard processes to stop the different attacks or malware intrusions.

Cloud & On-Premise

Barac can be installed and used on the cloud or on-premises working with different cloud vendors to help you protect your data privacy