Real Time Analytics

Barac gives organization the ability to collect and analyze data using complex behavioral analytics in real time to extract instant information and take immediate decision

Collect Data Instantly

Noe more ETL and data transformation that takes hours and days. We help you collect your data as it happens to extract instant information and analysis instead of waiting for batch processing

Advanced Behavioral Analytics

Apply advanced behavioral analytics to the data in sub-seconds to extract instant information and analysis and help you take immediate decisions

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Instant Analysis for Better decisions.

Instant information and analytics means better decisions that can increase your sales and enhance your operations

  1. Easy to Implement

    We don’t integrate with the database but we take data from logs. We don’t have to interface with your current systems and databases

  2. Big Data Analytics

    We use Big Data infrastructure as a storage layer to the data coming from the different data sources making it easy and cheap to store and to use

  3. Amazing U.I

    We help you visualize your data and advanced analytics using a very simple and ergonomic user interface to help you understand your challenges and take immediate decisions