Encrypted Traffic Visibility

Barac gives organisations the ability to collect and analyse data using complex behaviroal analytics in real time to spot attacks on encrypted traffic and detect abnormal activities

Real Time & Scalability

Detect attacks in real time using a distributed analytics and big data technologies. As traffic scale, barac can manage millions of connections per second just by adding virtual machines.

Metadata combined with a Powerful A.I

Instead of working on the data, Barac collects the metadata related to the encrypted traffic and uses a combination of machine learning and behaviroal analytics to detect know attacks and abnormal behaviour for a powerful detection Patent Pending

Smart Collection

Barac collects only 2 to 3% of traffic to limit the volume of data and reduce bandwidth. We only collect SSL metadata and initial TCP packets once a new connection is open and at periodic times

Instant Analysis for Better decisions.

Instant information and analytics means better decisions that can increase your sales and enhance your operations

  1. Easy to Implement

    We do port mirroring at strategic points from switches and routers to listen to metadata within your traffic

  2. Easy to Run

    Big Data Infrastructure is used to manage data from different sources and communicate in real time and process data in parralel

  3. API Based

    We integrate with SOC and SIEM solutions using APIs to share events, alerts and informations.