Barac Cognitive Platform

Barac gives organization the ability to collect and analyze data using complex behavioral analytics in real time to spot attacks on encrypted traffic and detect abnormal activities


Real Time

Detect attacks and abnormalities in real time (milliseconds) across the whole IT infrastructure of a business 

High Accuracy

Detect attacks with 99% accuracy and reduce false positives by more than 95%.


No need to decrypt the data and run into security issues.


Ability to collect and analyse more than 100 million events per second


Instant Analysis for Better decisions.

Instant information and analytics means better decisions that can increase your sales and enhance your operations

  1. Easy to Implement

    You don’t have to instal anything, we just listen to metadata within your traffic

  2. Easy to Run

    Big Data Infrastructure is used to manage data from different sources and communicate with SOC using APIs making it easy and cheap to store and to use

  3. Clear User Interface

    Our simple and ergonomic User Interface helps you understand your challenges and take immediate decisions.